Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here are the different types of teas from Japan:


Gyokuro is regarded as one of the highest grade Japanese green teas. It is popular among green tea lovers. Gyokuro has a sweeter, less bitter taste. This is because Gyokuro bushes are shaded to avoid direct sunlight for a few weeks before being harvested. This process make; Gyokuro tastier.

To make delicious Gyokuro tea, prepare boiled hot water and smaller cups, and then pre-heat a teapot and the cups with the hot water and leave the rest of the hot water till it cools down to about 50t. In the meantime, place Gyokuro leaves in the teapot and then pour the boiled water it o the pot and steep for 2.5 minutes: Finally, pour Gyokuro tea into the cups to the last drop.


To make Kabusecha tastier, the tea bushes are shaded from direct sunlight for about one week before harvest. Kabusecha has both of the rich taste of Gyokuro and the refreshing taste of Sencha. A subtle flavor is Kabusecha's typical feature.


Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan. Sencha can be classified into many grades in terms of quality. While average grade Sencha is drunk at home and served with meals at restaurants, high grade Sencha is often served on special occasions in Japan.
To make delicious Sencha, prepare boiled hot water, and then wait till it cools down to about 70°C. in the meantime place Sencha leaves in a teapot, and then pour the hot water into the pot and steep for 1.5 minutes. Finally, pour Sencha tea into cups to the last drop.

Fukamushi Sencha (Deep Steamed Sencha)

Most Japanese teas are steamed soon after being harvested. The steaming time for Fukamushi Sencha is more than twice longer than that for regular Sencha. The liquid of Fukamusi Sencha is deep green and rich in taste. As it contains small tea flakes and particles. the steeping time for Fukamushi Sencha can be shorter than that for Sencha.


Karigane or Kukicha is made of stems and leaves of Gyokuro or Sencha. Karigane has less caffeine.To make delicious Karigane, please use hotter water than that for Sencha.


Houjicha means roasted green tea. It is golden-brown, less astringent, and has a toasty Houjicha is often served after meals at restaurants, drunk before going to bed, and given to infants instead of water.


Genmaicha is a mixture of green tea leaves and roasted rice. It is popular among tea lovers because of the combination of its grassy flavor of green tea and nutty flavor of roasted rice.


Matcha is powdered green tea mainly used for tea ceremonies in Japan. It is made by grinding- fine green tea leaves on a stone mill. Recently, Matcha is also used as a key ingredient making cakes, ice cream, cappuccino, and other foods and drinks.

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