Friday, April 18, 2014

1) General instructions for making a cup of Japanese Tea:

1. Prepare boiled hot water and wait till it cools down to the recommended temperature.
2. Place tea leaves in a teapot.
3. Pour the hot water into the teapot.
4. Steep for the recommended period of time.
5. Pour the tea liquid into the tea cup to the last drop.

Type of tea
Amount of tea leaves for one cup
Temperature of hot water
Amount of water
Steeping time
Gyokuro 3 grams 50°c (122° F) 20 ml 150 sec
Sencha 3 grams 70°c (158° F) 60 ml 90 sec
Kriganecha 3 grams 80°c (176° F) 60 ml 60 sec
Houjicha 3 grams 100°c (212° F) 130 ml 30 sec
Genmaicha 4 grams 100°c (212° F) 130 ml 30 sec

NB: For the second steeping, the above time can be shortened to 2/3. For example: Gyokuro, first steeping: 150 sec. —second: 100 sec.

2) General instructions for making a bowl of Matcha
1. Pre-heat a bowl with hot water.
2. Place about 1.5g of Matcha in the bowl.
3. Pour about 40ml of 80°C (176° F) of hot water into the bowl.
4. Whisk the mixture with a bamboo whisk till it becomes

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