Friday, September 19, 2014

It's not really easy to take care of a Testsubin, so we decided to help you with this short guide:

If using new cast iron teapot, follow these steps:

1.Fill with steaming water and rinse inside of your teapot.

2.Pour it out and repeat this process 3-4 times.

3.Wipe both inside and outside of your teapot with a dry cloth while it is still warm.

4.Before infuse your tea, rinse inside of your teapot with hot water and pour it out.

5.Place a certain amount of tea into the tea infuser.

6.Pour hot water into the tea infuser until steep the tea leaves in it and replace the lid on your teapot.

7.Remove the tea infuser after a few minutes. Pour tea into a cup and enjoy it.

The things not to do:

1.Never heat your empty teapot or Don't let it boil dry or  It may be damaged.

2.Warm up tea in your teapot with the gas or electricity turned low. Or put it on warmer for candle to keep it warm.

3.Never scrub both inside and outside of teapot with a hard brush!

4.Clean and rinse only the inside of teapot with a soft sponge. Never use detergents I Wipe both inside and outside of your teapot with a dry cloth while it is still warm.

5.Don't leave any water in your teapot and dry it fully after using.

6.Never expose your teapot to salt or oil.

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